Institute for Security Preparedness

ISP was founded in 2015, to help Career and Technical Education (CTE) students, active duty, and Veterans gain reputable certifications based on industry standards.  Through a relationship with The International Foundation for Protection Officers, ISP has been instrumental with certifying individuals nationwide.  ISP supports the continued professional development and growth of every individual involved with homeland security.

Our Mission

ISP prepares students for a lifetime of achievement and career success through knowledge, training, certification, and recognized best practices, as evidenced by achieving an industry recognized certification.


Herb Williams

Herbert Williams is a retired police detective with over 23 years of experience. During his career he was involved in hundreds of criminal investigations, search warrants, crime scene investigations, and was assigned to many additional police positions. Herbert has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Homeland Security. He has a second Master’s in Business Administration. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. He has been in education since 2009, as a Dean of Criminal Justice, business teacher, and instructor for law, public safety, security, and corrections programs. Herbert worked to establish certification in Arizona for law, public safety, security and corrections students.

Amanda Williams

Amanda Williams is a professional businesswoman with over 25 years of business experience. Amanda holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Amanda is a mortgage broker, and holds real estate, and many insurance and annuities licenses. Amanda is a professional financial planner and volunteers to help seniors with tax filings and children’s charities.

Dr. Loran Lewis

Dr. Loran Lewis is a former reporter and editor with over 35 years of experience. Dr. Lewis received his doctoral degree in Mass Communications. He has a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Dr. Lewis is versed in writing, editing, and journalism. He is currently a professor in Oklahoma. Dr. Lewis is a psychometrician who develops or analyzes assessments such as examinations for educational, employment, or professional credentialing purposes. Dr. Lewis takes into account the entire structure of the exam, the range of difficulty, the number of questions, the testing time allowed, and the scoring process.


Executive Board

  • Chairman Herb Williams, MBA, M.A. Organizational Leadership/Homeland Security
  • Treasurer Amanda Williams, B.A. Business Administration
  • Secretary Erika Rizzo, M.A. Education
  • Vice Chairman Jessica Villerius, B.S. Nursing

Certification Committee

  • Chairman Dr. Loran Lewis, Ph.D. Mass Communication
  • Vice Chairman Dr. Kyle Ward, Ph.D. Business
  • Board Member Ashley Williams, M.A.T. Biological Sciences
  • Board Member Peter Fessler, B.S. Architectural Engineering
  • Board Member Cindy Nicholson, B.A. Fine Arts

Subject Matter Experts

Kristen L. Buddenbuam, M.A. in Emergency Management & Homeland Security

Crystal L. Stueve, M.A. Journalism and Mass Communication and B.S. in Intelligence Management

Boyd Baumgartner, B.S., King County, Seattle Fingerprint Examiner

Eric Fulton B.S. Criminal Justice Instructor

Dr. Jeanea Lambeth, Ed.D, Masters of Agriculture  
Director Certified Animal Decontamination  

Public Member

ISP has a public member, Cindy Nicholson, on their board who introduces a variety of perspectives and new ideas into board discussions.  The needs of consumers that may be overlooked or taken for granted by the profession may be brought to the forefront by a public member.  Addressing these issues may be of great benefit to the certifying organization, as ensuring that certificants maintain ongoing and current competencies.



ISP and IFPO have been developing and issuing certifications together since 2015.  Together we realize the importance of career readiness certifications and helping students with life during or after high school regardless of the career path.  ISP and IFPO help students gain industry-standard credentials and technical studies to ensure students have a broad array of choices.  Employers look for individuals who have valid credentials because it can be a predictor of reliability and performance.