Certification Reciprocity

Certification reciprocity can be a complicated topic and one that requires thorough research to examine and validate a program.  Essentially, reciprocity is an agreement between ISP to recognize credentials issued by another organization.  Certification reciprocity outlines which qualifications ISP will accept from another organization.  Candidates must have successfully completed a certification in Homeland Security with curriculum deemed equivalent to any of the ISP Critical Incident Series:

  1. Certified Critical Infrastructure
  2. Certified Domestic Terrorism
  3. Certified Crime Scene Managment
  4. Certified Critical Incident Protection
  5. Certified Critical Incident Manager (WMD)
  6. Certified Public Information Officer
  7. Certified Latent Print Examiner
  8. Certified Animal Decontamination
  9. Certified Security Supervisor Management
  10. Certified Protection Officer
  11. Certified Protection Officer Instructor
  12. Certified Dispatching Professional

Payment is required for an evaluation of your existing certification and supporting documentation.
All supporting documentation must be submitted to ISP via the drop box on this site.  Please read the requirements for each  ISP certification to make sure you meet the prerequisites. This may include:

  • Driver’s License/identification
  • Military record(s) (if applicable)
  • Copy of appropriate certification
  • Transcripts

Upon completion, candidates who meet the minimum requirements will be granted reciprocity and issued a certification.  The certification will be good for two years.  Renewal guidelines are listed on this site.

Requirements for review is a 20-point system based on the following items:

  • Meet and agree to the ISP Code of Conduct Standards (5 points)
  • Verified Professional Certification(s) (15 points)
  • Provide certificates (CEU calculation – 3 points each)
  • Additional courses pertaining to the certification area (CEU calculated 2 points each)
  • Transcripts / DD214 or similar records (CEU Calculated – 2 points each)
  • Verified Training records issued from government or professional organization (CEU calculation 1 point each)
  • Associates degree or higher (2 points each)
  • Fulltime experience with area of certification (1 point per year – 5-point max)