Career and Technical Education

Arizona CTE Credentials List (A-F, AZ Incentive Fund, CTED)

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Career Technical Education (CTE) provides students of all ages with the academic and technical skills, knowledge and training necessary to succeed in future careers and to become lifelong learners.  CTE prepares these learners for the world of work by introducing them to workplace competencies, and makes academic content accessible to students by providing it in a virtual or hands-on context.

ISP recognizes the importance of state-led initiatives to establish a set of rigorous, high-quality benchmark standards for Career Technical Education (CTE).  ISP certifications are crosswalked with state standards within several clusters.  Please contact for information of state or local partnerships with CTE programs.

ISP has been serving CTE students since 2015 in Arizona with hundreds of certifications issued.

The following certifications are eligible for CTE

  1. Certified Protection Officer Application
  2. Certified Crime Scene Management Application

Click here to request the application link for your school, individual, or organization. Please email me with your name, school, organization, and a request for the application. Each application is built individually for schools and organizations.

ISP is willing to evaluate your state standards to crosswalk the curriculum and assessment.  ISP allows an age and proof of graduation waiver for CTE students.  Please contact the ISP for information.

Proctor Information

A proctor is an approved person that administers an online exam to a student taking the CSM assessment. The proctor will verify a student’s identity by checking a photo ID and will ensure academic integrity guidelines during exams are followed (e.g., no notes, textbooks, outside assistance, etc.).

Acceptable proctors include school testing centers, school counselors, administrators, and teachers.

To be approved to administer exams, a proctor must be affiliated with the school site.  ISP reserves the right to deny any proctor or assign proctors to students as necessary.  ISP will verify the proctor to make sure they meet the requirements

Should a student be caught cheating on a proctored exam, the proctor will collect proof of the behavior.   The assessment will be sent to the school CTE Director, administrator, or approved proctor.  The email will contain an access code for each student to take the assessment.  The assessment is sent via Google Docs.

Once the student completes the exam, the results are sent immediately to ISP.   The student will be notified with 48 hours of their results.