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Having a certification can open doors for you in today’s workplace; if you’re eligible, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can reimburse you for taking a certification exam.  ISP certifications are recognized by the VA so that individuals may receive reimbursement for certification fees.

You can receive up to $2,000 per exam but not more than the VA approved cost of the exam.  You may receive benefits to retake an exam you didn’t pass.  You may receive benefits to retake an exam you passed if the exam is required for recertification or to allow you to retain a license you already have. Learn more about GI Bill benefits for Certification.  See below under Eligibility.

To apply for exam reimbursement, send the VA a signed and dated request with the following information:

  • VA-Form 22-0803
  • A copy of your test results or a copy of your license or certification

Have you applied for VA benefits before?  If no, please complete the Application for Education Benefits and send it to VA with this request for reimbursement.



Certifications / Veterans Administration

Certified Protection Officer Exam – VA

Certified Crime Scene Management – VA

VA Forms

If you are a veteran or are on active duty, download VA Form 22-1990

If you are an eligible child or spouse, download VA Form 22-5490


ISP and IFPO have been developing and issuing certifications together since 2015.  Together we realize the importance of career readiness certifications and helping students with life during or after high school regardless of the career path.  ISP and IFPO help students gain industry-standard credentials and technical studies to ensure students have a broad array of choices.  Employers look for individuals who have valid credentials because it can be a predictor of reliability and performance.