Why Recertify?

ISP certification board requires the continuing professional development of its certificants to ensure that individuals who hold ISP credentials maintain an ongoing commitment to learning, keep pace with developments in the field of Homeland Security and strengthen their knowledge and skills.  The mandatory recertification process provides certificants with the opportunity to demonstrate the reinforcement and expansion of their knowledge and skills, retain their knowledge of current practice, and assure the public that they have met current professional standards of qualifications required to maintain certification.

Recertification Requirements

All recertification candidates are required to complete one of the three items listed under the “How to Recertify” tab.  Recertification must be completed before the certification cycle ends.  Any certificant who is in jeopardy of completing their certification within the cycle year should contact ISP immediately and seek an extension.  Extensions are only based on emergency circumstances such as medical issues, career change or transfer, military activation, or other extenuating circumstances.

How to Recertify

Recertification with ISP is easy!

Step 1

Simply go to Certifications

Step 2

Click on Recertification

Step 3

Pay your recertification fee

Step 4

Complete one of the three requirements

Step 5

Fill out the ISP application

Outside CE must be submitted online and is subject to audit.  Please see the CE documents for more information.

Recertification Methods

The following are methods an individual may use to recertify.  Certficants must complete numbers one (1.) two (2.) or three (3.) from the list below.  The recertification fee is $150.

  1. Work Verification Method – Verification of employment, accomplished by submission of a Work Verification Form is available on the ISP website. You must document work in the area of certification in at least 12 of the prior 36 months after your certification. The information must include contact information of a knowledgeable authority (supervisor, manager, or human resources representative). Click here for the Work Verification Form.
  2. Continuing Education Method – Certificants must accumulate a minimum of six (6) CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for a two-year certification or nine (9) CEUs for a three-year certification period. Supporting documentation is required and will be subject to verification. CEU credits may be accumulated anytime during the two or three-year certification period by providing evidence of continued growth in the field as determined by the ISP Certification Committee Chairman or designee.  Activities that increase knowledge in the field of certification such as professional development activities (seminars, continuing education courses, trade conferences or internal training) and certification activities with approved providers, or any combination thereof are eligible.

Continuing Education Units for Recertification

ISP utilizes the standard established by the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET).  One (1) Continuing Education Unit (CEU) equals ten (10) contact hours of learner interaction with the content of the learning activity, which includes classroom, self-paced instruction, pre-/post-assignments, and/or homework in support of a learning outcome.  A certificate or letter of completion that includes the hours of classroom time is required. Classroom time is calculated by time doing course work including research, writing assessments, assignments, labs, and fieldwork.

CEU: 0.1 CEU = 1 Contact Unit

When calculating the number of CEUs for a course, the number of contact minutes must be totaled and divided by 60 to arrive at the number of contact hours.

Total contact hours must then be divided by 10 to obtain the number of CEUs.  CEUs must be expressed in tenths of a CEU; that is, 17 contact hours equate to 1.7 CEU; a three-contact hour program equates to .3 CEU.

  • 1 CEU unit per year can be awarded for membership in a professional association.
  • 1 CEU unit per year for current employment or volunteering as first-responder or active duty military to include Reserve and National Guard (First-responders include security, law enforcement, armed forces, and corrections).
  • Individuals from the Certified Public Information Officer program can substitute volunteer literacy programs for the youth, elderly, or disadvantaged.

Post-Secondary: Calculate CEU

Conference: Calculate CEU (Class time only)

In-Service Training: Calculate CEU (Class time only)

Association Training/course: Calculate CEU (Class time only)

Online offered training through websites such as Homeland Security list the CEU amount on the certificate of completion.

If your training has a major hands-on component, please submit your outline or syllabus for a review of potential CEUs.  ISP realizes that hands-on training is important and valuable for learning new skills or material which may have changed in the industry.

Please contact ISP Certification Committee Chairman for a request for CEUs not listed.

  1. Equivalent Knowledge Exam Method – Certification holders may sit for an equivalent knowledge exam. Complete the recertification application, and pay for the online assessment. You will be sent a verification to proceed to the assessment.

About the Recertification Examination

The recertification exam is a 50 multiple-choice question, internet-based examination that is designed to assess the knowledge of professionals in certification areas of concentration.  Recertification questions have been developed by ISP specifically for the recertification examination.  Like the initial certification exam, recertification questions are based on current practices, issues, and knowledge within a certification area.  The content is similar to the one used for the initial certification examination.  The questions developed are held to the same standards as the initial certification exam.  Recertification candidates are supplied with study materials and current issues to research.  The purpose of the recertification examination is to demonstrate continued knowledge, skills, and a constant cycle of ongoing career learning.  Continuing competency is critical to reaffirm your commitment to your career.